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This is a site dedicated to people interested in starting up. If you have a startup idea in mind, hop right in.
In your heart, you know that you have the potential. You have the intelligence, energy and creativity to run a successful business.
No one can tell you that you will not succeed. Sure, there are chances of making initial losses in your business. But that does not make you a failure, because there’s no learning without failing and those who steer through losses, achieve.
Believe in the power of your ideas and the possibilities of your future.

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A handy guide for startups

A couple of years ago, I wrote Your Startup Story as a brief guide to starting a business. In fact, this book is the story of any startup and if you are planning to start a new business, I believe that it will truly help you get the big picture.

Using a chatty conversational style, this book will help you put yourself in the shoes of many business owners, get ideas on building the right foundations, learn about the challenges that you will face and enjoy the victories that you will claim while creating your enterprise.

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I am passionate about startups and branding and believe in the potential of small teams to change the future of individuals and transform societies. I can help companies simplify their business processes and help startup owners understand the value of their businesses.


MBA and a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Kerala. 

PMI certified Project Management Professional and a

 Certified Value Builder.  

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Worked with multiple sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Software and Consulting firms.

Associated with The World Bank, New Delhi in Internal Marketing Research and Analysis and with Ernst & Young Middle East.